Grainy and Electric: The Analogue Photography of Louis Dazy

In our world of instant smartphone cameras, French photographer Louis Dazy prefers to work in analogue fashion, enjoying his images as they develop on film over what would be an unbearable amount of time for most of us. He produces grainy still lifes and double exposures, many of them filled with glowing yellow-orange that looks as though emerging from a furnace or the sun.

Each photograph tells a personal, intimate story. Often solitary characters have upon them impressed neon signs, traffic, bars and cafés, the shadows of other people. Through his careful angling, focus, lighting and composition, Louis turns nocturnal urban events into moments of tender melancholy, sometimes even magic.


Louis Day


According to the photographer’s statement on his website: “Some of his pictures can be compared with stills from films such as Blade Runner, Tron, or 2001: A Space Odyssey. Louis is inclined to concentrate on two specific colours, mixing them much as a film will. Tron’s spartan colouring on its monochrome film sets keep the colours simple, single or separate. Louis’ girl looking out of a window uses this technique where the overall colour is orange. However Louis gives his photograph depth by using a thin horizontal line of a pale blue reflection above the girl’s hair, giving the photo a fully 3D effect. Tron on the other hand is a 2D universe.

“In Blade Runner, the colour mixtures are far subtler and fluid, especially in the close-up portrait shots such as that of Rutger Hauer. One in particular, in the latter part of the film (by which time the audience if fully aware that Rutger is a man-made replicant) portray him in a combination of metallic light blue mixed with red blood – machine and man. The man has become a ‘bloodied’ machine….that’s what it is to be a slave. Louis frequently mixes two colours, often orange and blue, to humanize or distance, contrast or overlap, using a series of reflections to give depth or suggest sequence, such as the photo of a man in tonal blues with numerous blue reflected highlights, the word COFFEE in bright neon orange.”

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Images used with permission.