Hello everybody! “Connoisseur’s Circle” is a unique cultural and social experience designed especially as a response to our uncertain times. Marrying the virtual and the tangible, it will give you the opportunity to make new friends and professional connections while you whet your appetite for the finer things in life. Follow on Instagram @connoisseurscircle.


As a participant, every month:

  • You will receive exclusive educational content on art and culture via email.
  • Be invited to multiple Zoom catch-ups with fellow members. New guests sharing interesting stories, insights and expertise—artists, writers, creative entrepreneurs—will be present as well. Attend sessions whenever you are available.
  • Get to network with fellow members through mailing list and WhatsApp group—you won’t lose anybody.

➜ A carefully selected book and bottled beverage could also be delivered to your home.


We will read lushly illustrated art history, classics of world literature, quality contemporary fiction, and more. We will try out different brands of wineries, distilleries and breweries over time. Physical events and tours (lunches, dinners, museum and art gallery visits) will be held in the future.

Deepen your knowledge of creativity and culture. Be stimulated and enriched. Be part of a genuine community while supporting local businesses with the items you enjoy. Discuss what you have discovered and learnt. Exchange names and numbers. Whatever your background—tech, finance, healthcare, real estate, hospitality, law—feel at home. All are welcome to join!

If you are unable to regularly attend gatherings in the city, here is your chance to expand your circle with like-minded individuals in a more relaxed and continuous manner.


Try the experience for a single month, pay month by month, for six months or a year straight—at your convenience. Pause and resume at any time. See details on the options below (for Australia only—internationals, get in touch for your rates):

Want more range and choice in books and drinks? Want to gift something uncommon to family or colleagues? If you want us to design a one-time or recurrent personalised package, share your preferences and budget—and we will get back with a custom quote.

Read all Terms and Conditions.

For more information, email Tulika at (don’t forget to CC: or use the contact form below.

Whatsapp: +61-(0)411354226

Tulika is an Art Consultant and founder of the online publication On Art and Aesthetics”, a platform that features creative talent from all over the world and has received more than a million visits as of now. Having lived across India, Thailand, the UK, Canada and Australia, Tulika loves engaging with people from different backgrounds. She obtained an interdisciplinary MA in art history, philosophy, literature and religious studies from King’s College London in association with the National Gallery, the British Museum and Victoria and Albert Museum.

Her growing art consultancy offers services related to content creation, art dealing (including temporary rental and new commissions), curation, branding, business development in art and culture, as well as experiences, events and tours. “Connoisseurs Club” is part of these activities and an initiative of ELUCIDACTION PTY LTD, registered in New South Wales.

We look forward to meeting you!