My name is Tulika and I have lived across India, Thailand, Britain, Canada and Australia. I hold an interdisciplinary master’s degree in art history, religion (theology) and philosophy from King’s College London, prior to which I studied a fair amount of theatre and film. “On Art and Aesthetics” is where I curate content (covering literature, painting, architecture, film, sculpture, music and more) sourced from a combination of popular and academic writings, ranging from mere excerpts to mini essays. Please feel free to follow “On Art and Aesthetics” on Facebook and Twitter.

I’m also the co-founder and director of eLucidAction (www.elucidaction.com.au), a Sydney-based firm offering Editorial and Learning Design services along with Literacy and Art consultancies. The website is currently being updated but you are welcome to go through it. Please direct all professional communication to tulika@elucidaction.com.au.

If you want to say a hi, please contact me via this form. I love hearing from visitors!