I’m the Founder and Publisher of this website. My name is Tulika Bahadur and I have lived across India, Thailand, the UK, Canada and Australia. I hold an interdisciplinary master’s degree in art history, religious studies, philosophy and literature from King’s College London (offered in association with the National Gallery, British Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum). Prior to that I was into communication and business.

Grounded in a love of genuine talent and meaningful storytelling, OnArtandAesthetics.com is committed to discovering and impartially championing noteworthy artistic perspectives from all over the world. The online publication is related to my Art Consultancy which offers services to a range of parties (Content Creation, Art Dealing, Curation of Spaces, Brand Collaborations, Educational Events, etc.) both within and beyond the creative industries. Artists provide us with fresh and valuable ways of regarding the world and existence. We want to unleash their potential for you or your organisation.

Art can enhance your workplace, invigorate your home, be a compelling conversation starter, enable deeper reflections on important subjects and, it has been researched, lower stress and increase productivity—boosting your overall wellbeing. Whatever your background, if you want to start building a personal collection or lease artworks for particular periods of time or engage creative talent to reinforce your brand image, we will be able to help you. If you are already in the arts, we will be happy to create content for you that can communicate your identity and mission effectively. Please read more below. We welcome enquiries and ideas from all over the world. Drop me an email at tulika@elucidaction.com.au (don’t forget to CC: tulikabahadur@gmail.com). I have also started a social club called “Connoisseur’s Circle”. Follow on Instagram: @connoisseurscircle.



We deal in art for residential and corporate use, sourcing, commissioning and renting painting, sculpture, prints and photography (from a global network of contemporary artists pursuing a wide range of themes and styles), according to budget, purpose, taste, spatial requirements, investment objectives and geographic preferences of the client. In case of temporary hire, we can refresh your space with new art periodically.


We are very interested in helping interior design, architecture, real estate and hospitality professionals embed creativity and culture in their spaces but we also want to extend to other industries and fields. If you are a brand-driven business (in fashion or technology or beyond), we can pair you with relevant artists to create impactful collaborations and expressions. For example, if you care about the environment or women’s empowerment or a freer exchange of ideas among cultures, we will connect you with artists passionate about the same issues to execute memorable marketing campaigns.


We help independent artists as well as commercial and non-profit art organisations and initiatives (galleries, museums, fairs, workshops) with content creation. We can write articles and marketing copy for digital and print—be it websites, social media accounts, newsletters or catalogues. Using in-depth analysis yet concise language, we will convey your message persuasively and make you stand out in a noisy world. Packages will be bespoke, depending on the period, amount and type of content production.


Some of our services are available to everyone. We can conceive exhibitions and curate spaces for commercial workplaces, charitable institutions, art organisations, schools, private residences, colleges, government bodies and public areas. Speaking engagements on art and culture are also available to a range of parties. We will tailor our talks according to the audience, making them both educational and entertaining.

* Wherever required, we will assist with transportation, framing, installation, storage and insurance of artworks. Also, as dealers we do not represent a limited group of artists. Rather, any artist within our network is eligible to be recommended to prospective buyers.

The Art Consultancy associated with this website is part of eLucidAction Pty Ltd based in Sydney, Australia.

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