Dear All,

Thank you for stopping by. One big area of business that my co-founders and I are keen on developing long-term is “Art and Culture Tours”. We have, through regular publishing, built a large global network of artists, dealers, curators and academics—and we would love to use our contacts in organising trips for people curious about creativity in all its forms.

We plan to present to you carefully curated itineraries that will enable you to visit the best museums, galleries, heritage sites, art fairs and artist studios—and with that, listen to and learn from experts. The tours will also be an excellent opportunity for you to make new friends and professional connections.

This year, of course, we cannot do much travel—except within our Australian base—but we hope to emerge on the other side of COVID-19 energetic and excited. These tours take time to plan, so we are ready to begin now itself. If you’d like to know more, please register your interest. You can email me at (don’t forget to CC: with the following information…





WHICH CITIES/COUNTRIES/REGIONS IN THE WORLD ARE YOU MOST INTERESTED IN VISITING? (e.g., England, the Five Stans, Scandinavia, Oceania, Trans-Siberia, East Africa, Bolivia, California, South-east Asia, the Caucasus, Paris, the UAE, etc.)

BUDGET: (e.g., up to 5000 USD, between 5000 and 10,000 USD, over 10,000 USD)

WHICH EXPERIENCES WOULD YOU LIKE TO HAVE? (e.g., engaging with remote communities, checking out world-famous monuments, immersion in local traditions, embarking on a train journey, exploring contemporary art galleries, learning a new craft, interacting with artists, etc.)

I’d love to take the conversation forward with you.

Best regards,