Highways, Forks and Crossroads: Paintings by John Konijn

Working mostly with oil and sometimes with acrylic, Dutch artist John Konijn takes his subjects from his immediate environment—the horizon, skies, land, houses and infrastructure. What’s interesting is that his paintings never contain a central location or destination. They are all about movement and transportation, showing trucks on highways, cars at the crossroads, and forks in the forest—the point of view being mostly of the driver or the walker. Taken together, the artworks reflect the energy, the curiosity and also the restlessness, the perpetual dissatisfaction of the modern world.


John Konijn (Credit: Hans Koorman)


John was born in the city of Purmerend, the Netherlands in 1979. He studied at the Amsterdam University of the Arts and the Art Academy in Utrecht. He has been a professional artist since 2001. He currently lives in Amersfoort. John works as much as possible, considering himself “devoted, passionate, a little bit strange”. His recent exhibitions include: Natura Mystica (Maasticht, 2017), Kunstbeurs Westeinderplassen (Aalsmeer , 2016 and 2017), Nature/Termeszet (Budapest, 2016), Eemhuis (Amersfoort, 2015) and ArtZaanstad (Zaandam, 2015).

Links: Website (www.johnkonijn.nl) | Saatchi Art (www.saatchiart.com/johnkonijn) | Facebook (www.facebook.com/john.konijn.5) | Kunstuitleen.Nl (www.kunst.nl/Items/nl-NL/Kunstenaars/Biografie/John-Konijn) | Ann Art’s (www.annsart.nl/john-konijn-prod) | ART4U (kunstuitleen.nl/kunstenaar/john-konijn)

Images used with permission.