Signs of Excessive and Fatal Speed: Lucas Zimmermann’s “Scars”

Widely published online, self-taught photographer Lucas Zimmermann mostly experiments with light and colour. Through his creativity, he writes, he tries to enquire into “the known and the unknown”, into “body and geist”.

Lucas has come up with series on smartphones, traffic lights, and pollution within mountaineering zones. “Scars” is another interesting project, featuring simple shots of the roadside taken at night. Looking at them you might wonder what’s so special? Then you notice that in each photo portions of the grey barriers have been replaced by newer, whiter metal.

Lucas Zimmermann

Lucas explains: “At a site of constant construction on the highway in front of my hometown there occurred, despite clear signs, many fatal traffic accidents mostly due to excessive speed. After the site was dismantled, the highway was not the same as before. In the entrance area of the former construction site, distributed over a kilometre were skid marks, damaged barriers, burnt grass and other visible signs of accidents. These have still not entirely disappeared; probably the most striking remains are the updated guidelines. The changes were nice and light. This created a morbid aesthetics of scars.”

Lucas has recently exhibited at Gallerie GEO (Bergen, Norway), Theprintspace gallery (London), Night Palm (Los Angeles) and Line Gallery (Stroud, England). He was born in 1992, and currently lives and “tries to ski” in Weimar, Germany. He studied at Bauhaus University.

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Images used with permission.