A Colourful Journey of Electrifying Visual Energy: Abstract Surrealism by Connie Rose

New York-based artist Connie Rose is known for her exciting mix of abstraction and surrealism that takes the viewer on a colourful journey of electrifying visual energy to imagined worlds. Shapes and shades are in a constant state of flux, the landscapes displayed are at once alien and familiar. The themes explored are intuition, passion, wonder and the limitless possibilities of universes. The pieces are inventively titled – “Will You Chase The Horizon Or Let It Flow Through And Beyond You?”, “The Brief Transparency of Truth”, “The Space Between Two Universes”…

Connie considers music, meditation, and breath-work as key components behind the creation of her paintings. The worlds in her works, she writes, “tap into a primal feeling” so that the viewer is both “shaken and settled by truth and illusion.”

Born in 1988 in the UK, Connie Rose obtained a BA in Fine Art from Chelsea Art School, UAL in London. She has exhibited in London, Bristol, Vancouver, New York City, El Salvador and Mexico City and participated in a residency in Arquetopia, Puebla, Mexico. She was commissioned to create the artwork for Dot Demo’s album, ‘Outer Body Experience’ where she combined portraiture with surrealism.

Connie’s Lower East Side art studio has been featured in Forbes and her work is collected worldwide. In 2014, she was chosen for the British TV show Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year. Her upcoming project will be focusing on inspiration and equality and will involve some of the world’s most powerful females.

Links: Website (www.connieroseart.com) | Instagram (www.instagram.com/connieroseart88)

Images used with permission.




Album cover for Dot Demo (O.uter B.ody E.xperience)


The Brief Transparency of Truth


Abandoning The Ego


Standing On The Edge Of Reality Triptych (left side)


Standing On The Edge Of Reality Triptych (middle section)


You Are The Universe


Standing On The Edge Of Reality Triptych (right side)


The Space Between Two Universes


Will You Chase The Horizon Or Let It Flow Through And Beyond You?


You Can See It, You Just Have To Get There