Deliberately Awkward Juxtapositions: The Gentle Humour of Patrick Lee

Star Wars and Batman, reptilian conspiracy theories, old masterpieces, scientific discoveries, politicians like Donald Trump and Boris Johnson – the work of British artist Patrick Lee covers a wide range of institutions and fashions. He often pokes fun at trends and ideologies but does so in a consistently inoffensive manner. “Typically my paintings are deliberately awkward juxtapositions,” writes Patrick, “of the ordinary with the extraordinary, the familiar with the supernatural. I find many aspects of popular culture, politics, organised religion and modern technology so inherently absurd that I think of my art as observational as much as satirical. Whilst much of my work might be seen as playful or gently humorous, I’m just as happy provoking a frown or a shudder as I am a smile.”

Patrick Lee

Born in Clacton-on-Sea in 1972, Patrick Lee hails from a creative family. His mother is bestselling author Maureen Lee and his older brother Dave Lee is better known as DJ and music producer Joey Negro. His partner works in global health and he has travelled extensively. He began his career as an artist just three years ago.

“I studied Film and Literature at the University of Kent, and have since obtained a second degree in International Studies,” the artist continues. “I grew up near a bland English seaside resort and sought escape through science fiction, comic books and old horror movies, so the fantastical tends to permeate through my work. I also repeatedly read Bulgakov’s classic satirical novel The Master and Margarita as a teenager and was fascinated by the sheer outlandishness of the story, which tells of Satan and his bizarre retinue wreaking havoc upon the hapless citizens of Moscow. Other influences include Kandinsky, Dali, H.R. Giger and Bosch, writers Philip K. Dick and J.G. Ballard, and film-makers such as David Lynch and Terry Gilliam.”

Patrick Lee’s work is currently on display at the Creative Lab, Beverley:

Images used with permission.


Exit…To Another Dimension


Cyborg with a Pearl Earring






The Ice Scream


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Reverse Superman


Reptilian Trump


Reaping for Peace


Boris the Joker


How Do I Tell Dracula


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