“Everything Can Be Transformed, Re-Used”: The Bizarre Anatomies of Alessandro Boezio

“Everything can be transformed, everything can be re-used, everything is re-adaptable” – this is the guiding principle of Milan-based sculptor Alessandro Boezio (born 1983), who creates bizarre, grotesque artworks showing random multiplications and arrangements of human limbs. Knots are made up of fingers and legs, some gestures are meditative, others utterly crowded and crowded.

Within these pieces – at once classic and contemporary – individual identities and personalities have been dissolved and dispersed. Certain sculptures have a sexual undertone, and seem to imply a carefree hedonistic lifestyle. Others point out the possibility of developments in biotechnology. Are these distorted formations, mirror projections, genetic mutations failed experiments or deliberate designs of the future, we cannot say.

Alessandro Boezio

In any case, by disturbing and shocking us, these works make us more aware of our bodies (as do the body sculptures of North Carolina-based anaplatologist Andrew Etheridge, mentioned in March 2017).

“My work was unconsciously born during the years of my school education, when I used my hand as a pattern for anatomic drawings” explains Alessandro. “As I’ve gone deep in the history of hand studies, the fundamental role of hands in man’s evolution has come out clear. I especially understand the symbolic role of hand in communication and expression. This has given rise to my personal interpretation, where anatomy varies in shape and arrangement, altering the perception of reality. I was influenced by artistic genres such as surrealism, hyperrealistic sculpture and the Italian sculpture deriving from Greek Art. Among my reference artists I can quote the visionary Hieronymus Bosch, Louise Bourgeois, Giuseppe Sanmartino, Bernini.”

Alessandro has recently had shows in Brussels, Brescia, Italy and Oakland, California.

Links: Website (www.boezioalessandro.com) | Facebook (www.facebook.com/alessandroboezioworks) | Instagram (www.instagram.com/alessandroboezio)  | Galleries (www.e3artecontemporanea.commacadamgallery.com)

Images used with permission.