Roberto De Mitri’s “City of Ghosts”

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Roberto De Mitri, a photographer and businessman based in Lecce, Italy, has an impressive monochromatic portfolio that includes shots of rocky sea shores, foggy woods and mysterious female figures. One of his projects “City of Ghosts” is particularly interesting. Urban activity is blurred and smudged. People appear like thin apparitions. Commuters, roadside musicians, marketplaces, crossings – everything overlaps with everything else. Individual identities are difficult to find. But sometimes, rather beautifully, they do appear – in the form of a lonely pensive passenger, a hooded child lost in the crowd, a couple of lovers by a busy street.

Photography, for Roberto, is like psychotherapy. It keeps him away from the malaise and sorrows of everyday life. As for black and white photography, he says, it is a union of light and matter that cannot be rationalised. It is something at once chemical and alchemical that we can neither fully access nor understand. Therein, lies its charm and its pleasure.

Check out shots from “City of Ghosts” below.

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