Beautiful Brutalism by Amelia Lancaster

The massive blocks of functional concrete found in the Brutalist style of architecture will strike many of us as dull and uninspiring. Not so to London-based photographer Amelia Lancaster, who captures them with great care and attention – the shades on the surface and the shadows around.

Amelia obtained a BA in Architecture from Manchester University in 1991. This was followed by a diploma in Film and TV Design from Kingston University. She later took additional courses in Architecture from University College London.

Amelia Lancaster
Amelia Lancaster

Regarding her photography, Amelia says, “The rigour of my Architectural and Set Design background has informed my work. I search for abstract architectural forms and geometry in austere spaces within the city. I am interested in finding these isolated, silent and often dark places adjacent to dynamic areas. These unpeopled urbanscapes explore my feelings of solitude in the city.”

Amelia’s work was displayed at the National Open Artists Exhibition held at The Mercers Hall, City of London in October 2016. She is also the winner of a National Set Design Competition that led to a bursary and training with the BBC.

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Images used with permission.