Universal Language: Yiğit Dündar’s Art on the Human Body

A graduate of Yeditepe University in Istanbul, Yiğit Dündar paints dreamy male and female figures that are – often partially – covered by flowing fabrics. The bodies appear to freely – and beautifully – fly in the air or swim in water. They sleep, dance. Reflect. Reach out to somebody or for something hidden from view.

His art, Yiğit says, is a visual reflection of the effect of feelings such as sorrow, enthusiasm, pain, excitement and love on the human body. This complex unfolding of the body and its sensations is the only language that can be understood by people of different nationalities all over the world. 

Yiğit Dündar

Yiğit tries to explain people’s problems, their inner struggles, their contradictions but also their passions – various aspects of their stories – through the expressiveness of their bodies.

These paintings are a modern interpretation of classical Renaissance and Baroque styles. The artist explains his intentions: “The human being is the centrepiece of my paintings. I want people to find themselves in my art. My dream is to make people feel more, see more and realise more…about themselves and the world around them.”

Links: Website (www.yigitdundar.com) | Saatchi Art (www.saatchiart.com/yigitdundar) | Facebook (www.facebook.com/yigitdundart)

Images used with permission.


I Am What You Are




World is Such Because We Are Such


Red Blooded Woman


Tortured Soul (2)


You And Me




Bipolar Disorder


Bring Me to Life


Tortured Soul (3)
Tortured Soul (3)


Mysterious Solitude (2)


Mysterious Solitude (4)
Mysterious Solitude (4)