Pain, Fog, Ruins: The Photography of John Donica

Equally skilled at both fine and documentary art, John Donica, a photographer and cinematographer from Chișinău, Moldova, loves capturing exposed and fragile bodies – sometimes wandering among dilapidated structures, sometimes vanishing into leafy and misty landscapes.

He also enjoys taking shots of rural Moldova – young parents, old and lonely men and women. He tries to project their lives in a poetical way. John says: “My inspiration mostly comes from nature and music. For me, art is a way to materialise emotions. When people look at my pictures, they should feel them – that’s important to me.”


John Donica


John studied at the Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts in Chișinău. He has won several awards for his photography, including recognition by the LED (Liechtenstein Development Service) in Moldova. His cinematographic work has been screened at film festivals in South Korea and Montenegro, among others. At the moment, he is working with the Norwegian film company FlimmerFilm. He is particularly interested in collaborating on productions from Japan.

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Images used with permission.