Andreas Englund’s Aging Superhero

In his ongoing photorealistic series, Stockholm-based artist Andreas Englund humorously depicts the achievements and frustrations of an anonymous superhero who is past his prime. The series begins with the superhero’s first mission as a toddler, moves on to his energetic – if sometimes confusing – adulthood, finally continuing to an old age in which the character repeatedly struggles but refuses to give up.

Now wrinkly and saggy, the superhero admires himself in the mirror, feeds himself fruit, beats thugs, pausing – now and then – to catch his breath.

Andreas Englund

This collection of portraits and scenes could be seen directly as a documentation of the inevitable decline and debilitation that await all, including the most powerful of us. Alternatively, it could be read as an affirmation (and celebration) of the courageous side of humanity – that persists even in the middle of ever-increasing weakness.

Andreas, who was born in Falun in central Sweden in 1974, writes: “The super hero concept showed out to be an inspiring concept/theme and it has opened doors to other routes and motifs – contributing to define the kind of artist I am today.”

He admires the work of graffiti artist Banksy, photographers like Helmut Newton and David la Chapelle, classic fine artists like Edward Hopper. Movies are also a big inspiration for him. “Many of my motives are similar to film clips,” Andreas has pointed out. “You can imagine what has happened and also guess what is to happen.”

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