“Connoisseur’s Circle”: Terms and Conditions

The initiative “Connoisseur’s Circle” posted on the art blog “On Art and Aesthetics” located on the website onartandaesthetics.com is part of Elucidaction Pty Ltd. By choosing to participate in the cultural and social experience, you agree that the following terms and conditions shall apply to your order.


  • Experience: The cultural and social event offered under the title of Connoisseur’s Circle.
  • Participant/member/client: A person who uses the experience provided under Connoisseur’s Circle.
  • Virtual: Aspects of the experience executed remotely, either online or by phone–involving emails, text, social media, WhatsApp and Zoom.
  • Tangible: Aspects of the experience involving the delivery of a physical product–namely, book and beverage.
  • Options Bronze, Silver and Gold: Three varieties of the experience priced at 19 AUD, 49 AUD and 99 AUD, respectively, each of which shall be delivered to the client over the period of a single month at those rates, and may be extended with a bigger order placed by the client.
  • Guests: Individuals skilled in cultural and creative sectors–artists, writers, gallerists, art entrepreneurs–invited to provide educational value to participants in Zoom sessions.
  • Supplier: A party engaged by Elucidaction Pty Ltd to provide and deliver products to a participant of Connoisseur’s Circle–example, winemaker, publisher, e-commerce platforms.


Participants are free to place orders under Bronze, Silver or Gold options for durations of their choice–a single month, two months, four months, six months, nine months, a year, and so on. Discounts will be offered if payment is made upfront for six months or a year under any of the three options. The participants can also pause and resume orders at any time–example, enjoying the experience for two months, withholding for three months if they are on vacation, then continuing again for seven months.


Payments for the experience may be made via bank transfer, credit/debit card or PayID (in Australia). A payment needs to be made at least 30 days prior to the beginning of the month over which the participant expects to enjoy the experience.


Services across a particular month will be guaranteed upon the receipt of full payment at least 30 days in advance. During the month:

  • Exclusive content (Bronze, Silver and Gold) shall be emailed to participants on the 1st.
  • Zoom sessions (Bronze, Silver and Gold) shall be scheduled over every weekend (Saturday or Sunday), making the frequency 4-5 times a month.
  • Introductions via mailing list and WhatsApp group (Silver and Gold) will be made by the organiser once a month, on the 15th. Participants are welcome to take conservations forward with each other publicly or personally.
  • Book and beverage (Gold) for a particular month will be delivered a few days before the month begins.


Participants must understand the risk involved with the element of surprise. Elucidaction Pty Ltd shall not be responsible if products from suppliers do not always meet the expectations of the client and will not be able to exchange them. In a rare event that a participant finds a product damaged, a replacement shall be arranged following discussion with the supplier.


A 70% refund shall be granted if a Silver or Gold order is cancelled at least 30 days prior to the delivery of the experience.


Participants must be polite when socialising with fellow members and guests online. They are encouraged to engage in healthy and probing discussions while, at all costs, avoiding language that is offensive and discriminatory on the basis of racial, national or cultural background, belief system, political affiliation, social status, physical characteristics of a fellow member or guest. Elucidaction Pty Ltd reserves the right to discontinue offering its services to any individual whose activities it considers upsetting or dangerous to another. Mailing list and WhatsApp group shall be used to introduce participants to each other. It is the client’s choice to initiate meaningful conversations personally with another fellow member or respond to someone who has made an approach towards them. Clients are advised to exercise good judgement and caution. Elucidaction Pty Ltd shall not be responsible for personal interactions among clients. Its authority is limited to moderating public messages and banning whoever fails to meet behavioral standards.


The client’s data (name, phone number, social media profiles, addresses) shall only be used by Elucidaction Pty Ltd to provide the requested services, that is, to fulfil the networking function with other participants of Connoisseur’s Circle and for home delivery of books and drinks from suppliers. It shall not be shared with any party who exists outside the initiative.