“Cairo” and “Egyptian Portraits”: Two Projects by Barry Iverson

A former photographer for TIME Magazine, Cairo-based Barry Iverson works on both commercial commissions and fine art projects. Recurring themes in his portfolio are built environment, architecture, antiquity, landscape and portraiture. Two of his most visually stunning personal series are “Cairo” (hand-coloured) and “Egyptian Portraits” (black and white). The former captures the mesmerising splendour of the city as it unfolds through statues, monuments, shops and stairways. The latter features a range of figures—mechanics and maids, elders and Bedouin youths—reflecting emotions from pain and resignation to nonchalance and wonder.

Barry Iverson

Barry started to immerse himself in photography during his sophomore year in high school in Switzerland. He attended the University of Colorado at Boulder and won a Fulbright Fellowship for 1985-6 to research the history of photography in Egypt, shoot “Comparative Views of Egypt” (published as a book in 1994), and teach photography at the American University in Cairo. Apart from TIME, his work has been published in major platforms like National Geographic, New York Times, Life, People, Geo, Paris Match and Stern. His clients include Nestle, GM, Unilever, Four Seasons and IHG.

On his art, Barry says: “If an image still affects me the next day, and still the next year, and still 30 years later, I know the image is successful to me.” His own vision and style have been influenced by the works of photographers like Maxime Du Camp (travelled through Egypt, Syria and Palestine), Walker Evans (documented the Great Depression), Markus Brunetti (shot church façades) and Ansel Adams (produced monochromatic landscapes of the American West).
Barry Iverson’s photography is represented by LIFE Gallery (New York), Townhouse Gallery (Cairo), De Primi Fine Art (Lugano) and Sultan Gallery (Kuwait), and held in several public and private collections.
Links: Website (barryiverson.com) | Instagram (www.instagram.com/barry_iverson) | Saatchi Art (www.saatchiart.com/barryiverson) | Twitter (@barry_iverson)
Images used with permission.

Al Husseiny, Cairo, 1988


Man in the City of the Dead, Cairo, 1980


Ibn Tulun Steps, Cairo, 1987


Bedouin Boy with Shaven Head, 1980


Wrapped Lion, Cairo, 1998


Bouab Zamalek Villa, 1987


Bulaq Pyjamas, Cairo, 1981


Village Boy, 1981


Milk Motorcycle, Cairo, 1981


Maid at Bustan Street, 1980


Abu Ela Bridge, Cairo, 1996


Ibrahim, Bouab, 1981


Cairo Chabrawichi, 1997


Man in Northern Cemetery, 1980


Statue Baron Palace, Cairo, 1987


Egyptian Elder, City of the Dead, 1980


Tiring Building, Cairo, 1997


Foundry Laborer, 1989


Stairway, Borsa El Gedida St., Cairo, 1996


Farm Boy, 1980


Brass Pots, Cairo, 1988


Mechanic, Bab El Louk, 1980


Model 1927 Buick, 1981


Bedouin Boy and Goat, 1988