An Alchemist, Archaeologist, Explorer and Messenger: Marco Tulio Guajardo

“Fractality”, “Growing Life in a Cube”, “Time Fluctuations”, “DNA Chain” – every sculpture by Marco Tulio Guajardo (based in San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo Leon, Mexico) is intriguingly titled. Marco, who also happens to be a painter and product/furniture designer, writes that his artistic research focuses on the mystery of proportions, patterns, systems, codes and symbols that emerge when matter combines with spirit to produce (and sustain) life. His bold and inventive works feature growing and shifting strands, molecules stacked upon molecules rising up from a basic and simple position, dense and complex nests, lines that intersect, depart from and compete with each other. This biological theatre is executed in different sizes, and in varying colours – red, silver, white, gold.

“In my moments of creation,” says the artist, “I like to think that I am an alchemist, an archaeologist, an explorer, a messenger. My greatest influence is the mystery found in patterns, the four elements, spirituality in nature and man in his tireless search for truth. I am always looking for natural codes. I think there is a secret visual language hidden in the environment waiting to be discovered. I’m forever uncovering this ancient knowledge and trying to translate it through the process of my art.”

There is another side to Marco’s creativity, the place and role of the human being within the grand scheme of things and its very relationship with nature. He explains: “At the same time, I observe and document the forms which man mutates and adjusts to his advantage with the purpose of satisfying his ego, his needs, for power and control. Man is evolving and maturing, he is getting to know more and more about himself and in the eternal struggle of taming nature, he is learning to find himself and finally accept himself as just another living being. He is realising that he is only a link of nature that must learn to live amongst the others. He must understand nature, adapt to nature and return to nature. I try to reflect these concerns and issues in my work.”

Marco attended the Universidad de Monterrey in the early 90s for a degree in the Arts and Industrial Design. In addition to his local Monterrey area, his work has been exhibited in Dallas, New York, Las Vegas, Vancouver, San Diego, Villa Arena in Amsterdam and Mexico House in Paris. He inaugurated his gallery “Marco Tulio Art” in 2010.

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Images used with permission.


Fractal Nest


Time Fluctuations


The Trans-Human Prototype


The Thinkers


Chrome Heart


DNA Chain


Growing Life in a Cube


The Blade Runner Unicorn








Tree of Life




Male Anemona Chair


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