Revolving around Ten Pillars: The Fantastic Universe of Fernando Chamarelli

Spirituality, Mysticism, History, Symbolism, Mythology, Philosophy, Astrology, Occultism, Anthropology and Geometry – these are the ten pillars around which the art of Brazilian painter and illustrator Fernando Chamarelli revolves. His universe of fantasies and sensorial stimulation depicts a world of exotic creatures that have inhabited his mind from a very young age. Brazil, a multicultural melting pot, a place of contrasts ripe with colour and music – is a source of constant inspiration to Fernando, with Brazilian popular culture and pre-Columbian indigenous art being major influences.

The mosaics, organic forms, harmonic lines and mathematical shapes, the artist writes in his statement, connect “customs of ancient and modern civilisations, the East and West, interior and exterior and, most importantly, the material and the spiritual” – to create a bewildering but attractive psychedelic theatre.


Fernando Chamarelli


Fernando obtained a BA in design in 2007 from Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP) in São Paulo. His early interest with art was concentrated around comics, caricatures and realistic portraits that led to a fascination with street art and tattoo art. This year, Fernando’s work was exhibited in group shows at the Urban Art Biennale (Volklingen, Germany), ART3f Lausanne Art Fair (Lausanne, Switzerland) and Fort Way Museum of Art (Fort Way, Indiana, US). In 2015, he had a solo show at Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City, California.

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Images used with permission.