A Calming Distraction: Works by Alexandra Averbach

Peonies, blueberries, vases and bowls – the paintings of Alexandra Averbach focus on the quiet splendour of flowers and fruits, which she realises with careful arrangements of light and shadow.

She writes: “I paint what I find beautiful. My paintings are highly detailed, saturated in colour, and minimalistic. They convey a sense of stillness, as if time is suspended within the painting. They are also deeply personal and reflect my overall nature. What I hope the viewer takes away from my paintings is a sense of the beauty of nature and a feeling of serenity. I wish for my art to be pleasant and enriching. A calming and beautiful distraction from the world around us.”

Alexandra Averbach

Born in Moscow, Alexandra moved to the United States as a child. She was fortunate to have parents who supported her desire to create, and art has been an important part of her life from an early age.

“I cannot remember a time when I was not drawing and painting, and I took many private art lessons throughout my adolescent years,” continues the artist. “After receiving a Masters in Art History, focusing on 17th century Dutch/Flemish art, I was inspired to resume painting and then to pursue a career as a professional painter.  I have been exhibiting professionally since 2013 and have had my works in a number of private collections in the United States and abroad.”

Alexandra is inspired by masters such as Johannes Vermeer, Pieter Claesz and Dirck de Bray. Prior to studying art at the university, she attained a degree in economics and worked in finance for several years. She currently lives with her husband and sons in New York City.

Links: Website (www.alexandrapaintings.com) | Facebook (www.facebook.com/averbachart) | Instagram (www.instagram.com/averbachart)

Email: alexandra@alexandrapaintings.com

Images used with permission.


Tranquil Summer




Pink Peonies in Bloom


Lady Bank’s Rose


Lilacs in Green Vase


Two Red Peonies




Peppermint Sweetness


Kindred Peonies


Afternoon Tea


Jar of Blueberries


Two Roses in the Sun