The Primitive Psyche in the Digital Age: The Geometric Sculptures of Arran Gregory

Widely acclaimed for his geometric sculptures, London-based artist Arran Gregory loves to provide an insight into man’s relationship with nature. His simultaneously stunning and dangerous-looking creations – leopards and wolves cut out of shiny mirrors – illuminate the “primitive psyche in today’s digital age”. The works look like a strange marriage of two completely opposite elements – the manufactured artificiality of the modern world and a more basic and aggressive earthly life force.

“I experiment with form in order to evoke curiosity and question evolution in the digital age,” writes Arran. “As biology, technology and culture quite literally evolve together, I see my work as a kind of scientific, visual study that I’ve been developing over time. Coming from a background of graphic design, my work is heavily influenced by the ever-changing culture of visual languages that surrounds us. I find inspiration in the spaces between the organic and the man-made and my artistic vision is often manifested in the character of wild, predatory animals.”


Arran Gregory


The Process


Born in 1987, Arran Gregory attended the Chelsea College of Art and Design for a BA in Graphic Design for Communication. His first sculpture, titled ‘Mirror Bear’ (2009) – a development of a 2D concept – saw the progression of his work into sculpture. Arran has collaborated with brands such as Johnnie Walker, Ralph Lauren and Swarovski.

He is currently working on a large scale personal project for a public exhibition to follow on from his last solo show HUNT (2015) in London. The project will look at the Internet/social media as a kind of “organism” and will be socially interactive.

Some of the places in London where Arran’s artworks have been exhibited are the Royal Academy, Print House Gallery, Wayward Gallery, GP Studio Window Arch and Daily Goods, Camberwell. His sculptures are held in private collections in the United States, Germany, UK, France, Iceland, Switzerland and Japan.

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Images used with permission.