TO:KY:OO: Stunning Neon Views of the City by Liam Wong

In his photography project “Tokyo Nights” (TO:KY:OO), Liam Wong – an award-winning Graphic Design Director at Ubisoft Montréal (known for video games like Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, Watch Dogs and Child of Light) – creates a surreal cyberpunk atmosphere that seems straight out of a science fiction book or movie. Billboards, food courts, alleys, junctions, taxis come to life in a mesmerising mix of blue, purple, pink and yellow.

Originally from Scotland, Liam moved over three thousand miles from home into his current position when he was two years into his career, becoming the youngest director at the largest games development studio in the world. He got into photography only at the end of 2015, having purchased his first DSLR ahead of his month-long vacation to Tokyo.

“Initially I was just going to the various tourist spots, capturing the different areas of Tokyo and one night it rained, and it changed how I viewed the city,” says Liam. “There was one photograph in particular that I took and from there I started taking pictures at night, every night. I then began sharing my work over on Instagram and my following grew from 100 or so, to around 65,000 which I have today. As a result, I have been able to connect with other creatives, to meet and collaborate. I have around 10 cities that I have taken pictures of after midnight and look forward to sharing them in the near future.”


Liam Wong


Liam has been influenced by the stylistic trends and techniques of four major creatives: “Visual artist Syd Mead of Blade Runner, Tron – I have always been heavily inspired by his work, his use of colour, contrast and composition. Photographer Fan Ho – his series from 1950s Hong Kong is still the best photography I have seen to date. Filmmaker Gaspar Noé – I watched his Enter The Void film ahead of my vacation to Tokyo and it made me want to capture it in a similar manner. Filmmaker Wong Kar-wai of 2046, In The Mood For Love – he enhances cinematic compositions through an amazing use of colour.”

“Tokyo Nights” (TO:KY:OO) has gained over a million views worldwide. Liam was recently selected by Forbes Magazine for their 30 Under 30 list.

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Images used with permission.