Jay Rainey from British Columbia has a Tea Party with her Forest Friends

Snails, frogs, snakes and toads – Jay Rainey, an artist living on an island in British Columbia, Canada, invites them all to her tea party.

Jay writes on her website: “My work is sometimes funny, sometimes tasteful, sometimes writing, sometimes photography, and I hope each example asks questions.  Questions like: Are those dead mice on ritz crackers?  (Yes.) What kind of shrew is that in the backseat of the toy Volkswagon? (A masked shrew, sorex cinereus.)  Are those real caterpillars on the artist’s face? (Yes.) How many caterpillars was this artist able to collect?  (107.5.)


“Are these images photoshopped?  (No.)  Did she wear surgical gloves when she handled the dead mice? (Yes.) How did the mice die?  (caught by cats, then frozen until there were enough). Who would do such a thing with their lives?  (I would.)”

Jay’s influences are writer Alice Munro, cartoonist Gary Larson, comedian Jack Benny, and writer and broadcaster Garrison Keillor. Here are some of her amazingly cute pictures straight out of a fairytale.


Jay again


Links: Website (www.raineyroost.com)

Images used with permission.