Joanna Betsi Explores Fashion History in Vibrant Collages

A professional make-up artist for theatre, television, modelling and ballet, Joanna Betsi creates vibrant collages that examine fashion icons and trends over time. Her work ranges from Marie Antoinette to Coco Chanel to Cara Delevingne. Occasionally, a literary figure comes in as well – like Scarlett O’Hara (Gone With the Wind).

Joanna was born in Athens and is now based in Piraeus. She is interested in the intersections of art and physical appearance. A graduate of Eva Beauty Studies, she has attended conferences and exhibitions related to image-making all over the world. She contributes to the newspapers The Panhellenic Post and Trigono.

Joanna Betsi

Recently, she participated in the arts festival “The Little Paris of Athens” (Petit Paris d’Athenes).

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Images used with permission.


Dance for Life




Tango in Passion






So Sad


Viva Roma


In Love


Proud of Motorsport


Madame Coco


You Can Leave Your Hat On


Casino Royal




Legends of Fashion