Giuditta R. Explores Different Sides of Human Identity in Graphite-On-Cardboard Drawings

Interested in hallucinations and nightmares, Giuditta R. (born 1984) creates highly atmospheric drawings of twisted individuals or groups hiding shameful secrets, indulging in their delusions, wearing masks or withdrawing themselves in fear. Her main inspirations are the movements of Expressionism and New Figuration. She is also influenced by literature on criminality and parallel dimensions of being. The unconscious, ambiguities, paradoxes, metaphysics…

Despite the shadows and the madness, the artist’s message remains one of hope and not resignation or despair. She explains: “I create most of my artworks by using graphite and mixed techniques on cardboard. They are generally made in black and white. Only little particulars are underlined, in each artwork, by evident and coloured glitters, shiny spangles and little objects, emerging drastically or with difficulty, from each representation. Small details that shine in the obscurity, bright jewels, hamlets, lucky charms, indicating hope for a future of consciousness. These bright elements symbolise the eyes of conscience, giving light to the darkness.”


Giuditta was born in Messina, Italy. She attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania, Italy from 2003 to 2008. After graduation, she moved to Copenhagen and is now based in Berlin.

Featured artwork is “Brothers XIII”.

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Images used with permission.


Vanessa’s Room II


Drops of Madness X (Identifications)






Our Family Secret II


Vanessa’s Room IV


She Came in Like An Obsession


Our Family Secret V




The Fact is that We Are Getting Drunk with Beauty


Criminal with Angel Face