Labyrinths and Loneliness: The Photomontages of Marcin Sacha

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The action in Marcin Sacha’s art takes place in cold, grey domains that often contain perplexing mazes, crumbling buildings with large circular and square windows and drifting, solitary individuals. Sometimes crowds of similar-looking figures appear, they are trapped in spaces with no or few exits. Claustrophobia, a sense of loss, confusion and oblivion can easily be felt. The visions are nightmarish but beautifully realised.

“People in these worlds are lonely,” says the artist. “Some are trapped helplessly within their dreams and memories between inhospitable walls, while others are searching, not fully aware of where their life will take them. Every picture tells its own story, which we can read for ourselves while looking for clues in our imagination and experience.”

Marcin Sacha

Marcin’s carefully created images are part-photographs, part-drawings. They are inspired by the paintings of de Chirico, Mario Sironi, Zdzisław Beksiński, also Ingmar Bergman’s films. A fascination with mathematics is evident. The constructions are sharply geometric. 

How are the pieces made? Marcin explains: “Concepts of photomontages are formed above a sheet of paper. It all begins with an almost finished vision of the picture, then I fill the sheet with lines, which then become the edges of the blocks and the borders of light and shadow. Next, I collect photographic material. I photograph models made of paper, clay or bricks. I also use fragments of someone else’s constructions – I take photos of plasters, rusty metal sheets, structural elements of buildings. At the end, I compose a picture on the computer with several dozens of these photos, and introduce a little reality into the world of solids. In my photomontages, aesthetics is not the most important factor. There the hero is always the human being with his/her emotions, and the composition around is intended to build an atmosphere that would help the viewer to read the person’s state of mind.”

Marcin Sacha was born in 1970 in Tarnów in southern Poland. He is the holder of the title Artiste FIAP (the International Federation of Photographic Art). He has won numerous prizes and taken part in over 40 individual and group exhibitions in Poland and abroad. Marcin bought his first digital camera in 2005. He started with nature photography, moved to more sophisticated landscapes and later, started working out personal projects as he saw an improvement in his skills.

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