Otar Imerlishvili: On his Childhood and on his City

Born in 1970 in a family of artists, Georgian painter Otar Imerlishvili is known for his whimsical scenes that depict daily life through the coloured lens of innocence and wonder. Travel, love-making, bathing, dining and dancing are all part of the visual narrative. Even gossip and theft, plain craziness. In some pictures, grassy grounds and multi-storeyed houses are set on top of each other. Cities become towers. Often they simply turn into men – one city meets another city in a friendly handshake.

“I would say that my main inspiration is the set of stories from my own life – my childhood and the everyday being of my city, Tbilisi,” says the artist.

Otar Imerlishvili

“Also the countries which I have visited and basically experiences that I have gained with people and relationships throughout my life. As for the influences, people ask me this question all the time and compare my work with various artists, however I don’t see my work as such. But I can name my favourite artists who have had an impact on my personal belief in art: Johannes Vermeer, Bruegel, van Gogh.”

Otar Imerlishvili attended the Nikoladze Art College of Tbilisi and later, the Tbilisi State Academy of Art, one of the oldest universities in the Caucasus. His work has been exhibited abroad in places like Edinburgh, Venice and Frankfurt.

Links: Website (www.imerlishvili.ge) | Facebook (www.facebook.com/otarmerlishvili) | Saatchi Art (www.saatchiart.com/Otar)

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The Thieves of the Houses




Travel in Desert





Woman on Ostrich



City of My Dream








Old Street


Old Monaco


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