Blablablabla: Funny Collages by Jon Garbet

Combining cosmic and domestic imagery, Jon Garbet makes hilarious collages in which headless lovers dance in gardens, groups of friends holiday on distant planets and commodes become works of art.

The artist says: “My influences are many. I love music from the 60s and anything creative that inspires me. Movies from the 60s and 70s. Old cartoons. Classic visual artists, pop surrealism, living experiences. My artworks are a reflection of what I think or feel about something, every piece has a story behind it.”

Jon studied Illustration, Graphic Design, Comics and Drawing at art school. He is originally from Barcelona and has been living and working in France for some years now.

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Images used with permission.




The Invisible Band


Gazing at the Sky (Long Gone)






In Another Land




San Francisco Express


Slumber Sequence II – Ocean’s Ride




Evelyn’s Equinox


Reflexive Project


Two Dancers