Giant Hands and Hammers: Surrealism by Kaveh Hosseini

Mysterious blackholes in the ground, men without heads, ladders piercing the sky, and of course, large and dangerous hammers and hands are some of the most prominent aspects of Kaveh Hosseini’s surrealistic portfolio. The works explore bondage, boredom, disappointment – and the new and crazy worlds that one can create in their mind as a refuge and companion in a state of solitude.

Kaveh writes: “My major influences are rather not photographic. Music is very important. Mostly Classical and Doom-Metal. I admire several painters, particularly Zdzisław Beksiński and Caspar David FriedrichLiterature, poetry and philosophy as well. Mainly that of Friedrich Nietzsche and Arthur Schopenhauer. But the most important sources of inspiration are ‘Silence’ and ‘Stillness’. Without them I can’t do anything. And the winter, and the snow, fog and mist and cold!”


Kaveh Hosseini


Kaveh Hosseini lives in Modautal (Germany) on a beautiful farm. He is self-taught but since 2015, has been studying communication design in the city of Darmstadt with a focus on photography.

Images used with permission.