Wall Sculptures by Uri Dushy

Corporate life is a common theme in contemporary art – just consider the work of Australian painter Andrew Baines (featured on October 7, 2016) and Serbian painter Nadja Jovanovic (featured on December 4, 2016). For the former, men in suits are like sophisticated cattle and for the latter, they are hollow cases with no substance or individual identity. Israeli sculptor Uri Dushy (born 1963, Tel Aviv) has come up with his own unique way of portraying the rush and repetition of the nine-to-five routine. He places black, faceless and featureless figures against colourful clockworks. These mechanised men simply run with briefcases as the cogs and gears behind them rotate without end.

Uri Dushy
Uri Dushy

Corporate life is not the only subject explored by Uri Dushy. Pastoral landscapes, forests, rainy days can also be easily found. The points at which nature intersects with urban reality or plain human existence are depicted again and again.


The artist aims to radiate a positive energy to the audience, which he hopes will return to him and contribute to the continuity of his creations.

Uri Dushy is based in Jaffa. His large public sculptures are found across Israel while his smaller “indoor” sculptures have been exhibited all over the world.

Golden Time


Time Chasers


Running Late


Pastoral Landscape


Magical Forest


Acrobats on Rope


Let the Sun Shine
Let the Sun Shine


Running through Colours


Rainy Day Street Scene


Spring Time