The Paradisiacal Hypercollages of Ysabel LeMay

Hailing from north Quebec, Canada and now living in Austin, Texas, Ysabel LeMay is known for her photographic hypercollages that upgrade pieces of real nature into heavenly compositions.

The process behind these scenes of digital splendor is organic and instinctual. Ysabel starts from a single and simple point – it may be an image or colour. She begins clicking the natural world – flowers, ponds, birds. Later, she mixes and matches the fragments of her wild and voluminous collection to create resplendent and intricate vistas.

The final images praise and celebrate nature. They also provide the “comforting vision” of an unspoiled paradise “removed from the troubles of everyday life.”


Ysabel clicking nature (Credit: Kimberly Wright)


Ysabel LeMay (Credit: Joel Salcido)

Ysabel worked in advertising for about 15 years, during which she got the opportunity of honing her craft of visual expression. She handled graphic design and art direction, later operating her own agency. In 2010, she won the KiptonART Rising Star Program, an initiative that promotes emerging artists. Her work has been part of 70 exhibitions around the globe.

Learn more on Find Ysabel on Saatchi Art (, Twitter (@LeMayartista), Tumblr ( and Instagram (

Images used with permission.




The Cathedral (Panel 2)




The Gift






A video showing Ysabel’s hypercollage process:



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