I am a Garden

S.A.D by Amber Hagley



am a garden.

Greenest grass shoots from my scalp.

tulips tumble from my mouth

Birds flock, Bees beguile, soil

a path from which my bark legs grow

rooted, stable. 

A yellow star shines over me, i suck

growing growing growing

buds blossoming

fruit grows, sweet. 


“Birds flock” (Concert of Birds by Frans Snyders)


fruit grows fruit falls

pink petals plummet 

a soil path hidden in soiled fruit soiled sweet fruit 

green leaves scatter

grass yellow, dry 

tulips die. 

bees fly, away, gone. 

Clouds shield the stars

day and night,

a similar, familiar shade of grey


“a similar, familiar shade of grey” (Cloud Study by John Constable)


Brown leaves leave my branches

they sky falls deeper

the star betrays, i have sucked up all the light


everything is dark

nothing grows

nothing lives

expect for the terrifying thought that this could be it

what if it’s dark forever

what if when the sun comes back the flowers don’t bloom and i don’t flourish

the dark is scary. 


winter earth is sad

a dark brown misery


puddles soak the ground

puddles drink the light of the sky

puddles show your wobbling reflection, shaking hands 

even the tallest branches flop, 

to look down on you


“winter earth is sad” (Cairn in Snow by Caspar David Friedrich)


in winter i am SAD 

and i can never tell if the buds will blossom again. 



Amber is a sixteen-year-old high school student from Scotland. She is a lover of music and slam poetry and passionate about current affairs – some of it. She says: “I am not sure exactly what I aspire to do but I know I have a voice, and I’d like to use it.” You can follow her progress on her poet’s profile at Write Out Loud and connect with her on Twitter (@_amberhagley).

Featured image is Corner of the Garden at Montgeron by Claude Monet.



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