“True African Art”

True African Art” is an online gallery and marketplace launched in 2009 that displays paintings by African artists. The project is dedicated to encouraging a positive conversation of African culture. The website is owned by Gathinja Yamokoski, a Kenyan native who has lived in Westchester County, a suburb of New York City, since 2002. Till date, the collection has featured over 2,000 original paintings from 75 artists from 12 countries inside Africa, mainly Kenya and Ghana. Gathinja travels to Africa yearly to find new painters.


Gathinja with an artist – Richard Kimemia of Kenya


True African Art features artworks in a variety of styles – from realistic to abstract. Subjects include wildlife, village scenes, moments from ordinary life, depictions of relationships, portraits and spiritual beliefs.

Learn more on the website www.trueafricanart.com and their Facebook (www.facebook.com/TrueAfricanArt) and Instagram pages (www.instagram.com/trueafricanart). Featured painting is “Kind of Blue” by Abdul Badi of Brooklyn, NY. Below are seven artworks from seven different countries.

Images used with permission.


The Drummer by Angu Walters (Cameroon)


Cry then Fly by Enam Bosokah (Ghana)


Leader of Three by Mahlet (Ethiopia)
Leader of Three by Mahlet (Ethiopia)


N 111 by John Ndambo (Kenya)
N 111 by John Ndambo (Kenya)


Dance of the Wildlife by Masoud (Tanzania)


Two as One by Elizabeth (Nigeria)


Spiritual Trio by Kenneth Otelu (Uganda)


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