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Gustavo Francesconi, who studied graphic design and illustration in his southern Brazilian hometown of Curitiba and later in Barcelona, Spain, says that his visual art is a wild mix of multiple themes and influences. “I explore a wide range of subjects all at once,” he explains. “The cosmos, our ancestry, evolutionary passage of time. Colours and contrasts. Light and darkness. The geometry of shape. The effects of sound, the science of particles. Emotions, the stuff inside us. Mysticism…the list goes on.”

Gustavo is forever open to learning about the latest findings on chemical and physical phenomena, just anything related to space and time. Hermetic thoughts and architectural design also play a role in defining his style and content. He somehow manages to mingle the distinctive traits of all his favourites – the surrealism of Magritte, the colours of Matisse, the obscurity of Hilma af Klint, the clean lines and curves and shades of Frank Stella and Max Bill. Some of Gustavo’s paintings also give the impression of being pictorial documents on anthropology. They record the perseverance and adaptability (or lack thereof) of old cultures and societies in a manner that is similar to that of artists San Poggio (Argentinian) and Tarsila do Amaral (Brazilian). 


Gustavo Francesconi


“I believe that my message is in my work. I would not like to have an specific message since I approach varied topics through different perspectives,” says Gustavo, like many artists already featured on this blog. “I believe art is transformative and unique for each person. The viewer is free to extract from the work in question their own message. This is the magic. This is what motivates me to keep conveying my thoughts and research in images.”

Gustavo Francesconi held his first exhibition in 2014. He is the owner of a studio and active within the business of fashion and textiles. You can find him on his website (, Saatchi Art profile (, Facebook page ( and Instagram account (


Ultra Frequencia III




Aba Obi










Cosmos 3


Cosmos 4






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