For Jeremiah Morelli, a teacher from Bavaria, Germany, digital painting is mainly a hobby that has grown over the years. It is a way for him, he says, “to relax and unwind.”

Since 2007, Jeremiah has been creating absolutely magical art with the help of a graphics tablet and Photoshop. We see in his portfolio enchanted woods, haunted mansions. Crows on leafless trees, crazy black cats, monsters in the bedroom, conjurers, alchemists, lonely and perhaps misunderstood kids – the fundamental ingredients of fantastical children’s literature that we have encountered innumerable times and of which many of us will simply never tire. Jeremiah’s digital paintings are masterfully sketched and coloured, and suggestive of both innocence and adventure.

You can connect with Jeremiah on his website (, DeviantArt account (, Facebook page ( and Useum profile (

Images used with permission.


The Reader’s Path


The Monster on Top of the Bed


Cozy Place


Adventure Time


Care to join me?


Halloween Cat


Halloween Critters


Castle in the Air
Castle in the Air


Halloween Mansion


Little Ones


Midnight’s Flower




The Conjurer


The Alchemist’s Hut


The Gargoyle and the Pigeon


Why, Hello there!


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  1. Convert this using Krishna font
    ÓkckÓ csVh] ,sls gh vkdkÓ dh Å¡pkbZ;k— dks Nwrh tkvksA
    To put it in Roman Hindi: Shabash beti isi tarah akash ki oonchaaiyon ko chhoti jao.

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