Sticks and Stones, Softness and Hardness

George Stoyanov aka “nioon”, a young digital artist from Bulgaria, has worked with brands such as Nike, Mobext, Ogilvy & Mather and Lemon Graphics. Primarily operating within the areas of 3D illustration and design, he undertakes assignments from individual clients and agencies around the world.

In the process of developing a style of his own, George is involved in several personal conceptual projects. He uses bold colours to explore the associations among different objects – spheres and pyramids, sticks and stones. Transparent and opaque items meet rough and smooth surfaces.

George Stoyanov

There is hardly a direct meaning to these strange combinations and arrangements. Perhaps they could be read as visual representations of the randomness and the variety of experiences that we tend to go through in our lives.

You can find George on his website (, Twitter (, Facebook (, Instagram ( and Behance ( profiles.

All images used with permission.










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