Tango With Lions

Tango With Lions (Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter) are a talented English-language band emerging out of the Greek indie/alternative music scene. Formed in 2007 and based in Athens, they currently include:

Katerina Papachristou – voice, acoustic guitar, piano
Yannos Paramithiotis – electric guitar, vocals
Nikos Vergetis – drums, percussion, vocals
Jim Staridas – trompone, vocals
Thodoris Zefkilis – bass, vocals

As of now, they have released two studio albums: Verba Time (2010) and A Long Walk (2013).

Verba Time (2010) by Tango With Lions

The cover for Verba Time features the painting “Verbatim” by British artist Nick Gentry. In the album, whispering vocals and strong acoustic rhythms run through 12 bold and atmospheric “vignette” tracks, that is, each track tells a little story. The songwriter (Kat) combines images, thoughts and emotions of daily life with larger social and political issues that concern her. The name of the album is a play on “Verbatim” – a Japanese floppy disk brand. The project, according to the artists, is about reaching out, about communicating, about coming out of isolation.

A Long Walk (2013) by Tango With Lions

The second album, A Long Walk, is about stories as well but the style here is more introspective. Lyrics hauntingly speak of dreams and fantasies and memories dark and sunny, evoking both love and separation. On a sonic level, this is a more eclectic project, with trombones and electric guitars and deep pianos. These are songs that would be especially suitable in the soundtrack of some gritty urban romance film.

Here are two of Tango With Lions compositions – one from each album (property of Inner Ear Records; no copyright infringement intended):







Image Credit:

Featured: Tango feet by User “Barbara Will” (edited), CC BY 2.0, Flickr



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