Cigarettes after Sex

Cigarettes after Sex are a band based just out of Brooklyn, New York who deserve much more fame for their talents and efforts. They combine dreamy, melancholic vocals with slow and haunting rhythms (technical term is “shoegazing”). Led by the songwriter Greg Gonzalez, they operate within the genre of ‘ambient pop’.

Here are four of their unmissable numbers:

(1). Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby

(2). Keep on Loving You

(3). Affection, and

(4). Please Don’t Cry






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One thought on “Cigarettes after Sex

  1. Their music is deep, rich and very sensual. When I played the first song, I felt shivers pass through my body, as if the sound and voice could easily penetrate through me, my shields and defenses, only to create an active yet meditative trance. Mind still active, but a feeling of being pierced within by the rich sensuality of the music. Soothing yet stimulating. Another wonderful experience you have shared.

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