The Fly

“The creation of Insects affords us a Clear Mirror of Almighty Power, and Infinit Wisdom with a Prospect likewise of Transcendent Goodness. Had but one of those Curious and High Stomachd Flies, been Created, whose Burnisht, and Resplendent Bodies are like Orient Gold, or Polisht Steel; whose wings Are So Strong, and whose Head so Crownd with an Imperial Tuff, which we often see Enthroned upon a Leaf, having a pavement of living Emrauld beneath its feet, there contemplating all the world. […]


Fly 2


“That verie Flie being made alone the Spectator, and enjoyer of the Universe had been a little, but Sensible, King of Heaven and Earth. Had some Angel or Pure Intelligence, been Created to consider him, doubtless he would hav been amazed at the Height of his Estate […] The Infinit Workmanship about his Body, the Marvellous Consistence of his Lims, the most neat and Exquisit Distinction of his Joynts, the Subtile, and Inperceptible Ducture of his Nerves […] the stupendous union of his Soul and Body the Exact and Curious Symmetry of all his Parts […] the vigor of his Resentments, his Passions, and Affections, his Inclinations, and Principles, the Imaginations of his Brain, and the Motions of his Heart, would make him seem a Treasurie wherein all Wonders were shut up together, and that God had done as much in little there, as he had done at large in the whole World. “

~ Thomas Traherne (c. 1637-1674), The Kingdom of God in The Works of Thomas Traherne, Vol. I (edited by Jan Ross, 2005)


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5 thoughts on “The Fly

  1. Never thought of these tiny creatures like that But you are right, looked at closely, and with an artist’s mind, they are indeed beautiful and perfect. Color, shape, textures, complexity and simplicity of organism, it all adds on to perfect design (despite our inset propensity of disgust!)

    Very creative and well-written.


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    1. Yes – despite our inset propensity of disgust!

      Thomas Traherne’s work has been described as being “bafflingly simple”. He is one of the “metaphysical poets” of 17th-century England – a group which includes figures like John Donne, Henry Vaughan and George Herbert. Their love for nature stands in the tradition of St. Augustine’s Confessions.


  2. I am thrilled to read your prose but I think they collected. Enjoyed reading Mann, the art of the kunstlerromain. Your Nome de plume suggests that you are malayali. Since you are so much interested in literature would like to be your friend. Please email me at hope I can hear from you Anand


    1. Hi gspottedpen, I am ethnically from North India, coming from a Catholic-Anglican family. This blog is mere curation. My creative writing you will find on anchorlessapparition.wordpress. 🙂

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