If you want to get featured on this blog, there are various options available, both free and paid.

If you are an upcoming or accomplished artist – painter, author, photographer, filmmaker, sculptor, musician, architect, illustrator, interior or fashion designer – or a professional in the creative industries (editor, publisher, curator, dealer) interested in being featured on this platform, you are welcome to send a brief proposal introducing yourself and your work to me. Your project may be promoted in the form of a brief showcase, in-depth interview or detailed review (with high-quality illustrations).

SHOWCASE – for painters, photographers, filmmakers, sculptors, musicians, architects, illustrators, interior designers, fashion designers

INTERVIEW – for novelists, poets, memoirists, musicians, painters, photographers, filmmakers, sculptors, musicians, architects, illustrators, interior designers, fashion designers, creative industries professionals

REVIEW – for novelists, poets, non-fiction writers of memoirs and cultural/aesthetic studies

Keep in mind the following:

  • You should have an established online presence (website, Bandcamp page, Etsy store, YouTube channel, etc.) with a portfolio that can be easily accessed.
  • Quantity and quality both are important.
  • You may be from any national and ethnic background and be based anywhere in the world.
  • I am particularly interested in art that is experimental and existential, that finds it hard to easily gain coverage in mainstream media outlets, that challenges stereotypes of culture, race and gender and that explores deep philosophical, religious, political, economic and scientific issues. But I am open to all sorts of themes and genres, so do not hesitate.
  • I would be happy to look at budding writers. Poetry, fiction and non-fiction are all welcome. If your work has been self-published, make sure it is well-edited and professionally designed. If you are a creative writer who operates a blog but do not have a book as yet, you may be considered.

Express your interest below. Please be CLEAR in your query. You must introduce yourself with relevant online links (website, social media, publications) and also mention how exactly you’d like me to promote you and whether you have a budget or not.